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Subject: DA Commission
Input in the main body of the e-mail:
1) Name/alias
2) Quote/price:
3) Shipping Y/N?
4) Visual references (No written description as they are very vague)
5) Other specifics

50% of the total price is paid in advance after I accept your commission, and the other 50% is paid after it is finished.

Payment method is best used via Paypal.  E-mail me if you are using money order. Please do not send payment in cash, and it is best to keep the transaction slip in case the money order gets lost in the mail.

Content Rules:
Will Not Draw:
- Porn
- Heavy gore
- Strange sexual fetishes

- Mechnical objects such as robots, mechas, machines, etc.
- Cyberpunk/Biomechanical/Sci-fi fantasy motifs
- Humans or humanoid creatures
- Anime style
- Chibi style

If there's any questions regarding what I can or cannot draw, slip a note and I'll answer truthfully.

I based my efforts on time (excluding breaks between the works) at $10 per hour. Prices shown are based per 8 1/2" x 11" canvas. For requesting larger pieces, add an additional $1 per square inch. Prices does not include shipping price if the client requests the traditional work, though I can ship anywhere in the US for $5. $13 for international shipping.

Rough sketches (pencil/pen/digital) - $10
Refined sketches (pencil/digital) - $20
Inked/Lineart sketches (ink/digital) - $15/$20
Black and White Illustrations (traditional*/digital) - $50/$40
Colored Illustrations (traditional*/digital) - $70/$60

*Includes watercolors, acrylics, charcoal and coloring pencils. Prices may vary based on supply and demand.

Prices can be negotiated based on the simplicity of the request.

What to Expect:
Rough/Refined/Inked Pencil Sketch - Includes pencil sketch on cardstock with tracing paper as cover
Rough Pen Sketch - Includes pen sketch on cardstock with tracing paper as cover
Rough/Refined/Lineart Digital Sketch - Includes hi-res .jpeg file, .png file, and a .pdf file (psd file is optional)
Traditional Illustration - Includes rough thumbnails on cardstock and final image on Bristol/Watercolor/Charcoal with tracing paper as cover
Digital Illustration - Includes hi-res .jpeg file, .png file, and a .pdf file (psd file is optional) of rough thumbnails, and the final image. Requesting PSD file will include the number of layers used as well as the flattened image and thumbnails.

*If the client wants the image scanned to avoid shipping hassles, then the process will be dealt as digital.*

Copyright Info:
All commissioned works are for personal use only and cannot be used for commercial/for-profit uses. The artist retains the copyright of the artworks, but not the original concept of the client/request.

Contact via e-mail if you are using a commissioned work for commercial/for-profit purposes so additional fees can be discussed.

□□□□□ - Commission Approved
■□□□□ - Advanced Payment Received
■■□□□ - Rough Sketch in Progress
■■■□□ - Rough Sketch Approved
■■■■□ - Final Work in Progress (This process is skipped for rough sketch commissions)
■■■■■ - Commission Completed. Awaiting second payment. (Shipping in route.)

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September 21, 2009
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